In order to know where you are headed, it's advantageous to know where you are.

We've included some BODI calculators to help you assess your current body status with regard to risk factors such as body fat percentage.

Use these online calculators to not only determine your current health risk factor numbers and what they mean, but additionally how to bring those numbers into regions considered healthy if they are indicating you may be at high risk for developing conditions related to poor health.

Finally, throughout this site, we include any potential drawbacks these calculations my have in relation to their use in assessing your overall health. Remember, one size rarely fits all. This is why we provide you with different methods of assessing potentially healthy and unhealthy body metrics so you can be your own judge. We also provide you with research data pertaining to these indicators like BMI to assist you in making evidence-based decisions with regard to your health.

We have a link to four different BODI calculators below. These are all placed on one page so you can see if your "health" category is equal in each one, or you find that one or two calculators
determines your number to be healthy, while others are indicating unhealthy ranges.

If all calculators seem to be in agreement as healthy, this may indicate that you are doing the right things to be and stay healthy.

If all calculators seem to be in agreement as unhealthy, this may indicate a need for you to start making some lifestyle changes so you can live a potentially healthier life. Learn more HERE about some of those healthy choices to boost your potential for a better quality of life.

If there is a split among the calculators, this may indicate you are possibly on the line with regard to living a healthy lifestyle. However, it may also be indicating that one or more of the calculating formulas do not represent your body type properly.

One important thing you will notice when entering information on all of the calculators is how BMI shows overweight or obese when all other calculators may be showing healthy, fitness or even athlete. Our pages on BMI and Body Density explain the potential drawbacks of this indicator and includes studies and research to help you make informed decisions.

BODI Calculators

Visit our HEALTH INDICATORS page to learn more about the listed calculators.

You will also learn how to use a body fat caliper and determine the proper way to measure skin folds.

"BODI Calculators" link above includes the following formulas:


Waist to Height Ratio

U.S. Navy Body Fat Calculator (male and female)

Body Caliper Formula (male and female)

*Body Caliper Calculator: Designed from the formulas created in the following paper:
Leahy, S., O’Neill, C., Sohun, R., Toomey, C. & Jakeman, P., (2012). Generalised equations for the prediction of percentage body fat by anthropometry in adult men and women aged 18–81 years. British Journal of Nutrition, doi:10.1017/S0007114512001870