BMI: The Real Story

Body Mass Index (BMI) was developed in the mid 1800's as a way to ultimately categorize an individual as underweight, normal or overweight. The simplicity of this index is both its appeal and its potential drawback.

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Body Density

Body density describes the various constituents of the human body to include the physical differences of fat, muscle, bone, water and other material. The differences in muscle and fat will be the focus for obtaining data for our indicators

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Health Indicators

Many indicators and metrics are used help determine health levels. While there are invasive techniques such as blood tests, we focus here on the non-invasive such as anthropometric measurements.

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Check Your Numbers

Use our online calculators to determine your current BODI (Body Obesity and Density Indicators).

If you are happy with the numbers you see here, keep doing what you're doing. If you see some numbers you would like to change, we show you what needs changing to reach the numbers you want.

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